Like a bat outta hell it’ll be gone when the mornin’ comes…like a bat outta hell it’ll be gone gone gone…

So I can’t think of this recipe without thinking of meatloaf and then Meat Loaf and then, of course, the greatest album of the scary flarey 70s. Now that’s out of the way I can tell you that this loaf is of course meat free, but still makes me sing.

It has now sat on the Sunday lunch table next to a market-leading supermarket-bought nut roast (with other pop royalty credentials) twice. Both times this home-made offering was hoovered up by my mixed vegan, vegetarian, meat-eating family before I could even photograph it sliced…leaving its shop-bought counterpart nibbled but otherwise destined for the Monday leftovers.

DeliciouslyEllaWith148CD62-copy-220x300It’s a recipe from the impossibly lovely Deliciously Ella. Is she actually called Deliciously or is that the publisher playing fast and loose with an adverb? Anyway, this is a hero recipe included in her Deliciously Ella with friends book. It’s the ‘Herbed nut roast’ on page 123 to be precise, or available online courtesy of her feature in The Times.

And it is fabulously nut roast…err, why’s that grammar rule not working for me? Is it because she’s very very pretty and keeps saying ‘you guys’ and ‘paaaaarfect’ in her videos? Typical.

Well I played fast and loose too, both times I made it, putting in normal wheat flour instead of rice flour; excluding then including the mushrooms and liberally dousing the mixture with tamari and adding fresh tarragon in each version. And it really was paaaaaarfect. I can see why she keeps saying it now.

So this is no.2 in my vegan recipe hall of fame. Please, please, please try it as it’s a winner winner, and not a chicken dinner.


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