Fairy easy: recipes what work in the real world #1

Was it Nigella Lawson who said you’re only ever 20 minutes away from a batch of fairies (cakes that is)? Not quite Nietzsche but still a comforting maxim if you loved baking in your pre-plant-based life and are finding yourself at the starting post once again as eggs and dairy are no go.

IMG_1189And I’m delighted to discover that NL is still right on this issue. For my vegan baking debut, I followed a recipe from Sue Quinn’s Easy Vegan. I’ve never relished the idea of coconut oil with everything, so her vanilla cupcake recipe caught my eye for its reliance on vegetable oil, alongside normal self-raising flour and baking powder. An entry-level cupcake for someone who has yet to get to grips with chia egg.

Following the recipe to the letter (not my usual style) these little fellas were a triumph. They rose better than any conventional cupcake I’ve ever made and the crumb was golden and moist and stayed that way for a couple of days stored under a glass cake dome.

My naked cupcakes…nothing to hide

Sue’s book – which is refreshingly all about the cooking rather than the cook – has some other extremely tempting bakes, not least the peanut butter caramel swirl brownies (recipe featured here in the Telegraph). I will report back on my further endeavours with these recipes, be they crowd-pleasers or sad failures. It’s all learning.

From Easy Vegan as featured in the Telegraph: peanut butter caramel swirl brownies Photo: VICTORIA WALL HARRIS