A very convenient doughnut

co-op jam dougnutsWhat better way to usher in 2018 than to discover that a Co-op near you sells not one, but two types of vegan-friendly doughnuts? Obviously this discovery will remove the final, deal-breaking barrier for millions of would-be vegans who couldn’t make the final leap without knowing there was a soft, jammy landing on the other side.

In fact, the Co-op has kind of come up trumps in its response to the ever-more-mighty Veganuary movement. The January edition of their free Food mag has six pages on vegan eating. They also have a lil’ old blog going on …so you know, there’s effort there and it’s good news as the Co-op is a local lifesaver if you just need a few bits on your way back from work or the gym.

I’ve asked the folk at Co-op HQ to elucidate on the matter of their vegan customer-base and whether we can expect more vegan-friendly products on their shelves soon or ever. The news is pretty good.

Co-op vegan meal pot
‘Vegan’…promoted to the title and not relegated to the back where you need the Hubble telescope to see it

Liz Cassells, Co-op’s Senior Product Development Manager, told Spa Town Vegan: ‘Being a convenience retailer, with more than 2,500 stores covering the length and breadth of the country, it’s important that we have an offering for the half a million vegans in the UK.

‘We are continuing to grow our offering throughout 2018 and in the first part of the year we will be introducing more than 50 new vegan-friendly products. This will include ready meals, protein alternatives and snacks to offer delicious meal options throughout the whole day.’

And to drink? Well it seems the nation’s vegans won’t be thirsty either. Simon Cairns, Category Trading Manager for Co-op wines, told this blog that by the end of 2018 the Co-op will have 100 vegan wines in their range.

by the end of 2018 the Co-op will have 100 vegan wines in their range

Viognier‘We are anticipating vegan wines to pick up momentum throughout 2018 following the growth in 2017, so our range will be expanding throughout the year to offer greater choice to our vegan shoppers and we will continue to challenge suppliers to make wines vegan, where they can, without affecting the attributes of the liquid.’

So what started as a little whoop of excitement that doughnuts are back on the menu has wandered into a bit of future gazing for regular Co-op customers like me. But let’s just bring ourselves back to focus and put it out there for anyone who didn’t know: there is a sugary ball of carbs out there that you can still have should you so wish. Enjoy.